Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day 2009 was the
BEST Fathers day I ever had.

Last year on August 2nd mid afternoon I talked to my dad on the phone. He lives about 45 minutes away in Georgia. Dad is a retired electronics engineer with broadcast experience. We were discussing the then pending switch to digital television. We chatted a bit then wrapped up our conversation. It was the last phone call I made to him.

A couple hours later Kristie and I were at a church Homegroup cookout when we got a hurried call from mom saying dad had fallen and was being taken to the hospital. No one really knows what happened. Dad went outside to check on the weather, he wanted to see if it was going to rain. Sometime passed and mom went to check on him, finding him face down on the pavement of his driveway, bleeding seriously.

Dad had fallen face first and had fractured his skull around his cheek and eye socket. It was very serious. He had bleeding on his brain and the surrounding areas. Dad also fractured his collarbone and shoulder. It was serious enough that after only a few minutes dad was transferred from the local hospital to the Neurological hospital at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta a couple hours away.

Dad stayed there a few weeks and was then sent to the first of several care centers to complete his recovery. He had suffered serious brain injury which compounded his until then very mild Parkinson's. There have been a lot of up's and downs, mentally, physically and emotionally. And on twice between Thanksgiving and Christmas we were told he was in his final hours.

But dad wasn't ready to give up. And he has fought back. After the first of the year we were able to get him transferred closer to home and that seems to have triggered a miracle like change. Dad still can't swallow, every thing he receives is via a feeding tube, and he still can't walk, but dad has gotten stronger both in mind and in body.

Last week the doctors released dad to venture on short trips about once a week. When we ask him where he wanted to go his only wish was to go to church. So he did. After 292 days inside all dad wanted was to go to church. Dad was there right down front wearing his brown pants and sport coat and tie. The first time he had worn "Street" clothes. I know the angels were rejoicing as we sang.Pastor Todd and wife Amy

Liberty Church , dad's home church is in a massive building program the old scantuary seats around 90 to 100 people. The new one will seat 450. I am amazed 450 seats. This is in a little rural town of 850 people. At the new construction they had dad sign his name to his favorite scripture, on the stud which support the main entry door frame. It was an honor I'll always remember.

Dad was tired afterward but happy as I've seen him. We still have a long way to go in his recovery, but days like this are better than medicine. For the whole family. I am so proud.

So after almost a year of trials, I got to be with my dad at church on Fathers day. And that makes this the


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Jungle Mom said...

What a great account. So glad you got to share this with your Dad.